The history of the creation of the world Tarrho is mostly told by the Kurmiri. The first records of the myths were written by Shoreang himself. These myths are seperated into two texts:

This shorter text tells of the beginning of the world and how the universe came to be. It also tells how the Three Brothers reached Tarrho. This rather obscure text is regarded by a lot of scholars, especially those of Sorijan origin, to be purely symbolic. With the emergence of the cult of the Golden a lot of scholars and priests alike started to study these texts anew which were translated by Izôrh and brought to the Sorijan by Queen Ratia. Their status in the cult is yet to be determined.

Book of Three
This story, which the Kurmiri call "Shoraij Nyê", includes the Breaking of Brotherhood, the creation of Tôs and the three people. It also tells of how the Zharinam came into existence. Also, there is a short section that predicts the Dominion War. Only a shortened version of this tome is known. A much longer one is said to foresee the treason of Mijores and the destruction of Ômdal.

This collection contains a third text as originally compiled by Izôrh and developed further by the high priests in Borok:

This additional text explains the Divine Power and those beings owning it. It gives a detailed description of all Zharinam and Shur-Zharinam. It also contains a section on Zharanoki.

Siryldan Book of Three Zharam

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