Tarrho - History

The Sorijan reckoning, as set up by Shotarko and reformed by Darto (thus Darto reckoning, counting the time before the reopening of Gôrta university as "before Darto" bD. and afterwards "post Darto" pD.) counts seasons rather than years.
The dates before approx. 1000bD. refer to mostly mythological dates. They are not necessarily considered true by Sorijan scholars. It is possible that the temporal frame of events is distorted by myth.
3600bD. (ca.)Atôrh, Èsido and Sôr reach Tarrho
3300bD. (ca.)Atôrh, Èsido and Sôr start creating animals
3100bD. (ca.)The Breaking of Brotherhood: Quarrel between Atôrh, Èsido and Sôr - Atôrh leaves Tazogat
3000bD. (ca.)Atôrh comes to Tôrkarak, raises his fortress and starts breeding monsters
2850bD. (ca.)Èsido and Sôr part - Tôs created
2800bD. (ca.)Èsido reaches Volarit - Sôr comes to the plateau of Tárk
2700bD. (ca.)Creation of the Kurmiri
2400bD. (ca.)Creation of the Karatar and Sorijan
2300bD. (ca.)The Sorijan start spreading around Tárk
2280bD. (ca.)Tárk becomes a city
2200bD. (ca.)The Karatar start spreading over Arorhava as nomads
2100bD. (ca.)Creation of the Zharinam
2050bD. (ca.)The first Shureori (descendands of Shûr-Zharinam and Kurmiri) are born
2000bD. (ca.)Zharinam and Shureori attack Kurmiri for the first time and with great success - Tôs renounces his service to Atôrh
1980bD. (ca.)A great number of Kurmiri flees from Volarit to the southwest and the east where they reach the Island Rano
1950bD. (ca.)Kurmiri come to Zebelo
1930vD. (ca.)Foundation of Ranodhi
1900bD. (ca.)Creation of the Skotars - Èsido leads fourteen of the Zharinam into his power, the ten remaining to Tôs are now called Shur-Zharinam
1850bD. (ca.)Most tribes of the Karatar become resident
1800bD. (ca.)Èsido erects the Tower of Ômdal - Foundation of the city
1700vD. (ca.)Sorijan spread over the east coast of Baitikar
1670bD. (ca.)Tôs has Wanor yn Tôsê raised
1550bD. (ca.)Kurmiri found Sharôl
1510bD. (ca.)Kurmiri settle on all islands around Zebelo - Elorn founded
1330bD. (ca.)The tribe Toakôt leaves Arôrhava and settles on the islands north of Kangrotar
1280bD. (ca.)Shureori come to Baitikar and found Sharhôm on the shores south of Volarit
1270bD. (ca.)The Toakôt reach Kangrotar
980bD. (ca.)Kurmiric sailors reach Baitikar and found Marut
970bD. (ca.)Ulvar comes to Marut
900bD. (ca.)Kurmiri spread along the river Imelirish across Baitikar
880bD. (ca.)Shureori lead repeated attacks on Kurmiri - Eroar, Rapzalôr and Tshioran come to Baitikar
850bD. (ca.)Zurárh rages among Kurmiri - Eroar and Rapzalôr found Loshoreth
630bD. (ca.)Nikajôk born in Tárk
610bD. (ca.)Foundation of Zarhoka, Takurat set in charge of the university
550bD. (ca.)Takurat transfers charge to Nikajôk
545bD. (ca.)Takurat dies in Tárk
530bD. (ca.)Narkarot born in Zarhoka
520bD. (ca.)Tsorak founded
500bD. (ca.)Shotarko born in Zarhoka
490bD. (ca.)Ronk founded, Nikajôk establishes dominion over eastern realms
485bD. (ca.)Tukai born in Ronk
475bD. (ca.)Nikajôk dies in Tsorak, Narkarot takes over the office of magistrate
455bD. (ca.)Atiek born in Zarhoka
430bD. (ca.)Fárhôn born in Zarhoka
415bD. (ca.)Eroar leaves Loshoreth
400bD. (ca.)Narkarot transfers leadership over Zarhoka to Tukai and soon after that dies
394bD.Shotarko estimates the length of a year to 809 days, thus deterining the first reckoning
386bD.Meeting of the magistrates of the universities of Zarhoka, Ronk and Tsorák in Zarhoka because of increasing raids. Buiding of an army under Tukai's command. Ronk threatens to become independent, if command is not shared or transferred to Tark
385bD.Inakja, magistrate of Ronk, declares Independance
384bD.Zurino founded
382bD.Shotarko kidnapped from Zarhoka. Tukai declares war on Ronk
381bD.Tsorak seperates from Zarhoka and declares neutrality - Shotarko found dead during fightings in Ronk - Tukai and Kaôt sign a truce
380bD.Fárhôn becomes lord of Tsorak
372bD.Inakja dies and the office of the magistrate of Ronk is handed to Kaôt
367bD.Tukai has Jôk founded
366bD.Kaôt has Supaij founded
364bD.Fárhon has Katarka founded
358bD.Rapzalôr settles south of Loshoreth in the mountains
347bD.Tukai dies during a visit in Tárk, Atiek takes over the lordship
342bD.Kaôt founds Sirhapa
339bD.Loshoreth is captured by Shureori - Kurmiri flee to Zurino and Rapzalôr
325bD.Kaôt dies in Sirhapa
322bD.Atiek dies in Zarhoka
297bD.Fárhôn dies in Tsorak
220bD.(until 211bD.) Setan, the magistrate of Katarka gains more and more influence in the Eastern Realms and finally prclaims the foundation of the Empire of Katarka.
211bD.(until 128bD.) The Empire of Katarka rules with iron fist and terror over most of the Eastern Realms, except for Sirhapa and Zarhoka. Vast numbers of peasants emigrate into the west.
182bD.Gôrta founded
128bD.An Assassin kills Kutanu, the magistrate and emperor of Katarka. In the ensuing chaos, a renegade military unit from Jôk attacks the city and destroys most of it. The empire falls apart.
75bD.Darto born near Gôrta
29bD.Tirhôt, son of Darto, born in Gôrta
11bD.Darto declares the reformed reckoning
9bD.Warriors from Zarhoka and Ronk destroy Gôrta
5bD.Darto leads the reconstruction of Gôrta
0pD.Darto opens new university in Gôrta, reckoning started anew
5pD.Darto takes over lordship in Gôrta, reforms the political system and is crowned first king and thus establishes his dynasty.
27pD.Fanôt, son of Tirhôt, born in Gôrta
75pD.Darto dies in Gôrta - Tirhôt takes over kingship
141pD.Terako, son of Fanôt, born in Gôrta
160pD.Tirhôt dies in Gôrta - Fanôt crowned
194pD.Erazar founded
219pD.Tukor, son of Terako, born in Gôrta
224pD.Nijak, son of Terako, born in Gôrta
229pD.Terako seizes kingship from Fanôt
230pD.Fanôt dies in Gôrta
233pD.Terako demands tribute from the citizens of the areas surrounding Gôrta
242pD.Warriors from the north plunder area around Gôrta, people protest against Terako
243pD.Terako occupies surrounding area, armies start to terrorise people
247pD.Assassination of Terako fails
256pD.Uproars in Gôrta suppressed with great violence
267pD.Again warriors from the north plunder surrounding of Gôrta, beginning of a series of insurrections against the occupying forces
270pD.Revolutionists take Gôrta, Terako gives in and abolishes tribute
306pD.Garha, son of Nijak, born in Gôrta
315pD.Terako dies in Gôrta - his successor Tukor gets killed after a few days - Nijak his brother is crowned instead.
320pD.Nakor born in Gôrta
342pD.Serek founded
349pD.Arka born
371pD.Shak, Garha's first son, born in Gôrta
380pD.The twins Zaro and Donarhar, children of Garha, born in Gôrta
398pD.Ingkra, son of Nakor, born in Gôrta
417pD.Nijak dies in Gôrta - Garha takes over kingship
433pD.Grat, son of Arka, born
439pD.Bari, daughter of Zaro, born in Gôrta
441pD.Nakor throws down Garha, Garha and Shak executed, Zaro and Donarhar banished.Nakor has himself crowned king and thus ends the dynasty ofDarto inGôrta.
442pD.Donarhar slain - Skar, son of Zaro, born
443pD.The city Donarhar founded - Zaro declares himself king.
445pD.Skar kidnapped and raised by Arka's men
446pD.Etak born in Gôrta
452pD.Ingkra throws down his father Nakor and kills his father's brethren.
464pD.Nakor dies near Gôrta
467pD.Antea, son of Ingkra, born in Gôrta
473pD.Arka slain - Skar leads rebels against his father to newly founded Arkaskar
519pD.Gapai, son of Etak, born in Gôrta
522pD.To-Zurárh founded
537pD.Ingkra Kinslayer dies in Gôrta - Antea crowned
547pD.Skar dies in Arkaskar
548pD.Insurrection in Gôrta, Antea killed - Etak crowns himself
551pD.Zakor, son of Grat and Bari, born in Donarhar
554pD.Okat, son of Grat, born in Donarhar
567pD.Zaro dies in Donarhar - Grat and Bari's rule together, though the new kings is hardly accepted.
588pD.Bokar, son of Gapai, born in Gôrta
590pD.Grat dies in Donarhar.Bari's steps down and their son Zakor takes over kingship
601pD.Bari dies.
602pD.Etak dies in Gôrta - Gapai crowned
622pD.Tein, son of Okat, born in Donarhar
629pD.Rokar, son of Okat, born in Donarhar
645pD.Faij born in Donarhar
658pD.Taikar, son of Bokar, born in Gôrta
659pD.Naritor founded
663pD.Okira founded
664pD.Karatar of the Toakôt-tribe reach Baitikar
667pD.Borok founded
684pD.Rhoto, son of Bokar, born in Gôrta
695pD.Gapai dies in Gôrta - Bokar crowned
707pD.Teakat, son of Rokar, born in Okira
708pD.Borok becomes independent after violent revolts
710pD.Revolts inOkira fail.Rokar moves to Borok.
716pD.Rokar is crowned as first king of Borok
718pD.Kartôk, son of Rokar, born in Borok
722pD.Gotam, son of Rokar, born in Borok
741pD.Bokar dies in Gôrta - Taikar crowned
744pD.Zakor dies without children in Donarhar - Okat, his brother, moves to the city for his coronation.
749pD.The Zharina Dhere discovers Karatar in western Baitikar
750pD.Okat dies in Donarhar - Tein takes over kingship
759pD.Taipar founded
763pD.Karitor, son of Tein and Faij, born in Donarhar
766pD.Rhoto takes over crown of Gôrta from Taikar
769pD.Izôrh born in Okira
773pD.Osarik born near Gôrta
779pD.Tein dies in Donarhar - Faij becomes regent as young king Karitor's representative
781pD.Merchants from Borok start trading with the Shureori
783pD.Kurmiri start attacking farms around Borok
791pD.Ratia is born in Borok
806pD.Faij gives regency to her son Karitor and retires
809pD.Teakat slain by Kurmiri, Rokar suffers from a stroke
810pD.Shur-Zharina Sharfárh attacks Ranodhi and drives away Thenerin
812pD.Izôrh starts his journey - Rokar dies in Borok - Kartôk crowned
813pD.Taikar dies in Gôrta - battle of Wanor yn Tôsê and Rano
814pD.Last great fights against Shureori on Baitikar - Izôrh returns to Borok
815pD.Kurmiri from Erazar and Zurino conquer Borok
819pD.Osarik conquers Gôrta
822pD.Eastern realms destroy Gôrta , Osarik dies
824pD.Iratur, son of Gotam, born in Donarhar
827pD.Faij dies in Donarhar
832pD.Rhoto dies in Zarhoka
834pD.Gitorh, son of Karitor, born in Donarhar
845pD.Gotam reconquers Borok and is crowned as third king.
849pD.Rakot founded
854pD.Gotam conquers Naritor and Okira
862pD.Bekiar, son of Peaat, born in Okira
864pD.Zurarh destroyed by Rapzalôr and Avezherha
871pD.In Rakot Gotam starts Great March with a huge army and thousands of settlers
889pD.Gotam slain in To-Zurarh - the council in Borok hands his son Iratur the crown
895pD.Ratia meets Izôrh the traitor in Rapzalôr
897pD.Sirkan born in Okira
902pD.Insurrection in Borok, Iratur killed, city turns into a republic. InOkira Peaat, Borok's governor takes over lordship but does not assume the title of a king.Naritor returns to the reign under Donarhar's dominance
906pD.Sharet born near To-Zurárh
907pD.Karitor destroys Borok
909pD.Karitor fails in battle near Okira and is lost - Gitrorh becomes king of Donarhar
917pD.Tôzhur appears in To-Zurárh
920pD.Tashin, son of Bekiar, born in Okira
923pD.Keetar, son of Bekiar, born in Okira
937pD.Izôrh the traitor dies in Rapzalôr
945pD.Peaat dies in Okira - Bekiar takes over lordship
950pD.Taipar becomes independent
951pD.Tôzhur begets Kaja, daughter of Sharet in To-Zurárh
954pD.Ratia dies in Rakot
957pD.Karitor dies as Onoto in Okira - Bekiar declares himself king and dissolves the council. Keark is born in the ruined Borok.
958pD.Okira attacks Naritor - the Great War begins
960pD.Bekiar dies near Donarhar - Tashin takes over kingship
962pD.Tashin lost in the battle of Naritor - Keetar takes the crown
963pD.Sharet dies near Okira. Donarhar destroyed - Gitrorh dies - end of the war.Sirkan declares himself lord over the independentNaritor.
971pD.Tashin returns, takes back the crown.Keetar is made first cousellor.
987pD.Borok founded anew by Kaja and Keark
1008pD.Peace treaty signed by the four western realms: Borok, Okira, Naritor and the Taipar Federation.
1011pD.A plague spreads from Okira into the western realms
1015pD.Keetar dies of the plague in Okira
1021pD.End of the plague
1022pD.Kaja leaves Borok.
1024pD.Keark commits suicide - priests rule in Borok.
1029pD.Religious fanatics throw down government in Naritor - Sirkan executed
1032pD.Tashin excludes Borok and Naritor from the peace treaty and starts inofficial negotioations with Borok with the long term goal to unite Borok and Okira.

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