Welcome to Tarrho, where the gods walk the earth.

Three civilizations, the Sorijan, the Kurmiri and the Karatar, slowly spread over this world, none of them aware that they are only setting the stage for a huge battle that only one of them can survive. It is a struggle of their creators, three brothers, three enemies, who came here eons ago and are now preparing to fight for dominance.

Sôr the musician created the Sorijan, eager explorers and inventors, but also cunning tradesmen and skillful soldiers. Their history is marked with constant inner fighting, with politics, diplomacy and intrigue.

Èsido the painter created the Kurmiri, largely peaceful farmers and merchants as well as great artists, if it was not for their eternal fight with the dark hosts of Tôs the Doomed, a sinister creature that is driven by hatred and jealousy.

Atôrh the sculpter created the Karatar, strong fighters for survival, some of them nomads that travel vast distances to the farthest corners of the world, the others skilled craftsmen and fierce warriors surviving in the hostile surroundings of their home.

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