Kurmiric Cities

This is a selection of the larger cities of the Kurmiri as well as those of the Shureôri. The kurmiric culture is greatly agricultural, so the shown cities are the mian tradeposts for numerous smaller hamlets and villages. The map below inidcates both Kurmiri and Shureori cities, differing by color. Note that Loshoreth was repeatedly captured by either side. It is therefore shown in grey.

Cities map

The Kurmiric capital city, said to be founded in 1800bD. (approx.) with the erection of the Tower of Ômdal. Since it is the home of Èsido and constant meeting ground of the Zharinam, Ômdal forms the religious and cultural center of the Kurmiric world. Though, the city is just the second largest city of the Kurmiri, surpassed by Marut.

City at the mouth of river Leliish. Main port on Zebelo and regarded by those not living on Zebelo as the gate to Ômdal.

City on Baitikar, founded in 980bD. Considered the gateway to the holy isles of Zebelo from the one side and gateway to Baitikar from the other, Marut grew to be the largest city of the Kurmiri. It was ruled by the Zharina Ulvar who resided in a giant palace near the harbor. The city's quarters are seperated by several walls. Marut is famous for the great lighthouse about a mile off its northern shore.

Said to be founded around 1930bD. Situated on the island of Rano, the city was the first to be founded outside Volarit by Kurmiri fleeing their place of origin. Ranodhi was captured in 810pD. by Shur-Zharina Sharfárh and afterwards subject to heavy battles during the Victory.

Kurmiric settlement on an island in the river Imelirish. Founded in 850bD. by the Zharinam as a refuge from the ravaging Zurárh. Captured by the Shureori in 339bD. and subject to constant fighting on Baitikar. Site of the last battle of the Victory.

Founded by the Zharina of the same name. Rapzlôr retreated from Loshoreth to settle down. When Loshoreth was captured by the Shureôri, his home became the central meeting place of the Zharinam on Baitikar. This soon attracted all sorts of merchants and other settlers.

Wanor yn Tôsê
The "House of Tôs" on Volarit is rather a giant fortress and a city of the Shureori. It was governed by the Shur-Zharina Koshon. During the Victory great portions of the city and part of the fortress were destroyed.

Smaller fortified town of the Shureôri, founded in 342p.D. Serek was the center of trading activities of the Shureori with Sôrijan from Borok.

City of the Shureori south of Volarit on the coast of Baitikar. Founded around 1280bD., it is the main city of the Shureori on the continent, though not strategically. The city was administered by the Shûr-Zharina Altharun. A dark part of Kurmiric history is the fact that Sharhôm was never captured during the Victory.

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