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Tarrho is a complete fantastic world with its own mythology, its own detailed history and own kind of divine magic. It provides a large background for roleplaying of any kind, suitable for any open fantasy system. A RPG-system tailored to the world is in the state of development and will be presented at some time in the future.

Details are given on the world itself, its mythological background, geography etc. Also each of the three people of Tarrho are described, their history and culture. For your convenience, not only an overview over the whole history of Tarrho as far as it is developed so far is given in Tarrho/History, also, on each of the following sites, every Tarrho-related name or word is linked to a glossary.

Mainly, Tarrho is a pet project, a hobby, the attempt to create a complete world with all details necessary. The original sketches blossomed during the outlining of a fantasy novel, the eternal work in progress that might never see the light of day, because it might never be finished. The same applies to this world. It is impossible to create a complete world, including wildlife and centuries if not millenia of history within one single lifetime. So, this work will never be finished.


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